Want to be a Robotics Engineer? Here are skills needed…

Robotics Engineering is one of the most sought after and fast-growing disciplines in the world of today. As industry after industry is getting impacted by the use of robots, the demand for engineers who know how to design, build, operate and use robots is soaring. The number of robotics engineering jobs is expected to grow by almost 10% in the coming decade leading to a shortage of talent in this field. It is no surprise that salaries in this field are high and rising fast. Coupled with advancements in other areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics will play an increasingly integral role in our way of life.

What does a Robotics Engineer do?

The majority of a robotics engineer’s time is used to design a robot and get the robot to work efficiently. As a robotics engineer, you can even design the machines that assemble these robots! The first step is Mechanical Design; giving the robot capabilities of powerful and precise movement. For instance, the highly advanced robots used in healthcare and automobile industries. The second step is Electronics; bringing these robots with powerful physical capabilities to life using cutting-edge circuitry.

After this you would work with IoT (Internet of Things) enabling the robots to communicate with each other. Lastly, AI! Over time, as we manage to build advanced robots with cutting-edge programming, the machines become capable of learning and acting themselves.

What does an average day look like for a Robotics Engineer?

An average day for a robotics engineer has a lot of elements. They focus on research, building and configuring robots as well as testing. They need to continuously analyse and evaluate their prototypes for any flaws or chance of an upgrade. As technology is forever evolving, looking out for an upgrade is a must. They code softwares to control their robotic systems and automated robotic systems depending on the project they are involved in. As the designer, they are also recognised as technical support for the robots they have created. Apart from the robotics element, they would also need to calculate and review costs for their designs and upgr….