ABB OmniCore Robot Controller – Faster, Scalable, Efficient

Unrivaled on the factory floor, every OmniCore controller offers best-in-class motion control, as well as 20 percent energy saving, and future-proofing through built-in digital connectivity and 1000+ scalable functions. ABB’s OmniCore robot controller family is the first significant step towards preparing customers for a new era in manufacturing. ABB’s robot controller family offers broadest motion control options and more tailored solutions for the connected Factory of the Future. To power the diverse manufacturing needs of the factory of the future, manufacturers need a controller that delivers unsurpassed flexibility, connectivity, and performance. Every controller in this product family is designed to deliver these capabilities and meet the diverse needs robot users today expect.

Productivity: Combining our TrueMove and QuickMove, OmniCore controller offers best-in-class motion control, high speed, position repeatability, and path accuracy.

Digitalization: With built-in connectivity to ABB Ability™ digital platform and Connected Services, OmniCore controller offers actionable intelligence and predictive maintenance services. IoT Gateway enables seamless transmission of data and supports OPC UA and MQTT.

Up to 20% energy saving: Featuring energy-saving power re-generation technology and brake energy recovery, the OmniCore controller consumes less power by up to 20 percent.

SafeMove: Unleashes the full potential of true, safe collaboration between people and robots. SafeMove also enables building compact cells and factories, replacing rigid, costly steel fences with safe, digital supervision and real-time monitoring.

Source: ABB